Create Awareness to Save Our Tigers – Six Ways to Create Awareness

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Create Awareness to Save Our Tigers – Six Ways to Create Awareness

Tigers are the national pride of India and it is really a shame on our country if we can let our national pride fight for life as it is doing currently. Recently there has been loads of activity to protect the dwindling population of the tigers in the country. And one such activity is to create awareness among people. But how do you create awareness among the people. Here are six ways to create awareness.

1. Blog

If you are writer, journalist or even just an enthusiastic blogger then please blog about the dwindling population of the tigers. Use the information on the net and write a compelling blog for people to read, and act on it.

2. Exhibit

Are you an artist, photographer, graphic designer or even a website designer? If yes then you can do a lot that can help you to create awareness. Paint tigers in their natural habitat; put up posters anything that you can do to create awareness. You got the idea. If you are a photographer then visit the national parks click the photographs, get in touch with some graphic designer and create a calendar and distribute it in the schools, offices, and shopping complexes.

3. Educate

Are you a teacher, a professor, or a parent? If yes then start educating the young generation about the importance of tigers in our lives and ecosystem. Tell them why is it important to protect them from getting extinct and how they can help in protecting the tigers.

4. Speak up

Are you a speaker at a public forum; are you a radio jockey or a video jockey? If yes then take this as an opportunity to raise the voice against poaching and poachers. Invite people to raise their voices against poachers. Chat about tigers and their importance to the ecosystem. Plan your contests on tigers theme and the winners get to visit the national parks for additional information on the tigers.

5. Create and Design

Are you a website designer or are you a software engineer? If yes then create a software that is easy to install and can educate people about the importance of tigers. And if you are a website designer then you know what to do, and how to do it. Don’t just sit but do something before it is really too late to do something.

6. Enact

Are you from some theatre group? Yes! Brilliant! Write a script and do some plays on the importance of tigers. You know it better which will serve the purpose better – street play, one act play or anything else you can think of. If you are choosing a theatre then you can donate the money to the organisations working to save the tigers as they are always in need of funds.

You all can join hands with the Save Our Tigers project and help them create awareness about the tigers.