Explore Utah on Foot on an Adventure Tour to the US

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Explore Utah on Foot on an Adventure Tour to the US

The US is certainly one of the greatest countries in the world to visit on an adventure holiday, with parts of it perfect for climbing, hiking and walking.

Some of the best walking holiday terrain can be found in the states of Utah and Arizona and a trip to either of these states should definitely include some time spent exploring by foot.

A walking holiday in the state of Utah

Utah is home to some truly spectacular scenery and wildernesses and with many of its most picturesque areas only accessible to those on foot, heading here as part of an adventure holiday to the US could allow visitors the opportunity to see views which have only been enjoyed by a select few.

A great place to start off a walking holiday to Utah is the Ogden River Parkway. This parkway stretches for over three miles but its fairly flat and easy terrain makes it perfect for warming up on a walking break. The path takes walkers down the side of the Ogden River, a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. As well as walkers, the trail often attracts cyclists.

Scenery lovers should certainly head to the Wasatch Front, where they can find a spectacular mountain range which is ideal for exploring on foot. Before pulling on their walking boots and heading into the hills of Utah, visitors need to ensure they have taken any precautions.

Before going hiking, adventure holiday explorers should invest in good sturdy boots, suitable clothing and make sure they stock up on plenty of water.

An adventure tour to Utah would not be complete without a visit to the Great Basin Region. This vast wilderness will certainly appeal to those seeking peace and tranquility on a hiking holiday but for those looking for a true taste of adventure while in the US, there is much to do in this part of the world.

Utah visitors feeling particularly energetic may want to take a hike to the peal of Mount Nebo. This huge peak stands at almost 11,930 feet and a climb to the top can see visitors rewarded with incredible views over the wilderness below.

This hike is around six miles long and is fairly strenuous, so those who fancy attempting it should make sure they are properly equipped before setting off. The view from the top of the mountain is certainly worth the effort of the climb, however, and those seeking a walking holiday which is unforgettable should definitely consider tackling the peak.

Other walks which can be enjoyed in Utah include the Cat Canyon to Little Horse Heaven Trail. This five hour long amble is the same length as the climb up Mount Nebo but is less taxing. This walk can be found in the King Top Wilderness Area and holds a secret that will delight visitors.

At some points, the trail is as narrow as ten feet wide, but it soon opens up into a vast wide valley which will take walkers’ breath away.

More walking hotspots on a US adventure holiday

Arizona is home to a number of national parks of America, all ideal for heading to as part of an adventure holiday to the US.

The huge Buckskin Mountain State Park should definitely be top of the list for visitors and with more than 1,670 acres to explore, travellers could easily spend days in this picturesque region. The park can offer adventure fans whatever type of activity they like, from strenuous hikes to ambling walks to take in the scenery.

Those with a head for heights should also take the time to visit the Parker Dam, which is the world’s deepest. The dam is 320 feet high, with 235 feet of this height submerged under the waters of the Colorado River.

Arizona is also home to the Fool Hollow Recreation Area, which could be an ideal camping spot to bed down for the night in after a day spent exploring the area by foot. Some of the trees around the camping spot are more than 100 feet tall and are a truly impressive sight.

Those with a love of fishing as well as walking could visit the Dead Horse Ranch State Park while in Arizona. This 423 acre region is perfect for walking, hiking and fishing.