Mountain Biking – 3 Things You Must Know Before You Plan Your Next Trip

Mountain Biking – 3 Things You Must Know Before You Plan Your Next Trip

If taking on mountain biking as a new hobby, here are three secrets that have helped me get on the right track before taking that mountain bike trip.

– Gears In Order. Make sure that your mountain bike is tuned and in good working order. If you haven’t ridden the bike in a while, make sure you get a tune up at your local bike shop. Get everything working smoothly and make sure it’s fitted right for you.

– Local Sites First. Before you take on some far away trail, do some testing at place not too far from home. Test out your equipment and try on a few challenging terrains. Test out your brakes. If you’re going down a steep series of boulders that are bike friendly, shift your weight towards the back wheel and have steady pressure on the rear brakes the whole way. Now, with the front brakes, just pulse the pressure there until you reach the bottom of the downhill slope. It’s really not that difficult. Practice you bike handling skills. As your local bike shop for interesting local trails or go online and do a search.

– Proper Frame Of Mind. Look, you’re beginning a new hobby or maybe you haven’t exercised in a while. Take it slow, have the right frame of mind and know that you are taking the proper steps to get into a new endeavor. Be realistic about your goal. Take some time to break in this new hobby and your body will appreciate it.

The one thing I love most about mountain biking is that it brings me back to child-like memories of just plain fun. You forget you’re even exercising, it just feels like playing. Who wouldn’t want that?