OzBall- A Pleasing Alternative to the Gold Coast Theme Parks

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OzBall- A Pleasing Alternative to the Gold Coast Theme Parks

If you’re like me, your previous holidays to Queensland revolved around the myriad of Gold Coast theme parks that are available.

But what if you wanted to do something different?

An equally exhilarating experience can be discovered in the region known for its theme parks. And this time, it’s found in Pimpama, just 30 minutes drive south of Brisbane or 20 minutes north form the Gold Coast. Sure, you may have tried adventure sports like sea kayaking, walking through the tropical rainforests or white water rafting.

But have you tried Oz Ball?

This fun alternative has been providing an adrenalin rush for holidaymakers and locals for the last 8 years. And the best thing about it is nobody’s too young or too old to try. The concept really is quite simple and there are two ways to try Oz Ball. Both involve having a person, two people; sometimes even three, to enter a 3.2 metre transparent inflatable ball.

If you are a thrill seeker looking for some heart thumping, you’ll love the Harness ZorbA�, which will see you sliding down a 130 metre grass bank while attempting to stay on your feet the whole time. Alternatively, you may prefer the equally fun Hydro ZorbA�, where an Oz Ball is added with 40 litres of water and slid down a grass track. Oz Ball has no age limits, unlike many Gold Coast theme parks. Nor does it have any weather restrictions, except in extreme weather, such as storms.

Even in winter, warm water is added to the hydro balls t0 prevent riders becoming cold. You’ll feel like you’re riding in a mobile spa pool or taking a comforting bath on freezing nights. The Oz Ball, whether harness or hydro, does conform to weight limit though to avoid chafing when rolling down.

The owners are proud of their safety standards and the maximum weight for a rider is 120 kgs and a harness ride also requires riders to be 150 cms tall. This “infectious” experiencing is attracting more and more tourists and locals each year and it’s not difficult to see why. The Park offers Single, Double and Triple Person, Hydro Zorbing (a term they trademarked for Oz Ball) and Dry Harness Zorbing.

And if you are an adrenalin junkie, try the OzBall Challenge; if you stay on your feet the whole time, your ride will be free. If cheap thrills are what you’re looking for, the Zorb Park is an ideal day trip and a pleasing alternative to the endless Gold Coast theme parks.

You can use their facilities throughout the day for only $40 a rider. If you’re going with family and friends, then get a package deal.

The Oz Ball experience is also a great way to make a splash (literally) during big events such as advertising promotions and private events like kid and group parties. The Zorb Park rents out their equipment for off site events. Overall, this fun activity is a great way to bond with kids, family and friends as an alternative to the obvious Gold Coast theme parks.

Have a laugh while you topple down the grass banks for the hundredth time. Take goofy pictures of your wet faces and awkward positions. Scream out loud as you roll down the hill and then work out how you are going to describe your experience to your friends and family. “Once is never enough”.

So as an enjoyable alternative to the Gold Coast theme parks, give Oz Ball a go.