Peter Parks – Internet Alchemy

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Peter Parks – Internet Alchemy

If you are an affiliate marketer then I know you heard of Peter Parks. He is considered to be the underground affiliate. Peter has been killing the affiliate marketing industry for years with his underground techniques and strategies.

Who is Peter Parks?

Well, since Peter has been so underground there is really not a lot out there about him. All most people know is that he is from Ontario Canada and that he was once a homeless guy on the street bearing the winter cold in Canada. He got tired of the way he was living his life so he decided to get into affiliate marketing.

Peter has said to be taught by the best like Eben Pagan and Ewen Chia but it was not until Peter came out with his own product Affiliate Punisher where people really got a glimpse of who he was.

What does he teach?

Peter teaches you how to build a solid affiliate marketing business using free web 2.0 properties. While others are paying for domain names and hosting for websites, he uses platforms like wordpress and blog spot as well as the common social media platforms to generate his cash. He is in well over 70-90 niches making thousands of dollars a day.

Peter just launched not to long ago his new product internet alchemy where he really shows you how to get your business going. He tells you what you need to outsource and what you need to work on to not only get to the top of the search engines but to provide enough value to your customers so you can get achieve the end result and that is getting your product sold.

If you are new to affiliate marketing or if you have been in it for awhile, Peter definitely has something for you. He has different level of offers for his membership program. I am in no way affiliated with Peter Parks directly but the people that I know people who are say that his training is truly top notch.