The Best Reasons to Visit Australia – The Gold Coast

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The Best Reasons to Visit Australia – The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast in Australia is one of the country’s most interesting tourism hotspots. The major reason for this though is its plethora of theme parks that enthrall the young an old alike. These theme parks have some of the best and most exciting exhibits in the world and if you are visiting with family then you will definitely have a blast! No, do not worry, adults. There is something for you in each and every one of these parks. Here are some of the must- visit parks.

1. Sea World

This theme park is tailor-made for those who love the marine life. An educational experience for the young and the old, the Sea World theme park allows for a one on one interaction with marine animals. The popular exhibit here is the Shark Bay. Here you come face- to- face with probably the most feared species of marine life in the world. Some say that the feeling is so chilling; it may give you goose bumps! The 4 D Planet SOS exhibits that warns the present generation about global warming and the Water ski Wipeout are other popular attractions here. If you have kids then the Cartoon Network, Sesame Street and Polar street beaches are a must visit.

2. Dream World

The Dream World Theme Park is the most sought after theme park in Australia. It is spread over an area of almost 30 hectares and is filled with many rides, attractions and shows. It houses the Big 6 Thrill rides. One of these rides in the Tower of Terror which is also the world’s fastest and tallest ride. Other exciting ride here is the Claw which promises what the theme park calls “a nine story rush of adrenaline” and the Giant drop which is a thirty- eight story free fall! One word of caution: This is not for the light-hearted! Although, if you do fall into the previous category, then you can enjoy the Australian wildlife exhibit as well as the Tiger Island. Other exciting activities here are skateboarding, surfing and body boarding.

3. Wet n Wild Water World

This is Australia’s favorite water park. If you are here then you definitely must visit the “Whirlpool” which is a ride that is one of its kinds. This ride will spin you around in a dizzying swirl amongst rapids that seem almost real! Once you get back on your feet, it is time to embark on the world’s first water roller coaster. You will be dashing your way through a thirty feet ride with water splashing all over you and what is more… You will be on a surfboard! You can jump into the Wave Pool, revel in the Mammoth falls or simply enjoy the sun in the Calypso Beach. Do not worry about the children as the park has qualified life guards who are always on their toes looking out for them.

The Gold Coast theme parks are known world over. So much so that the Gold Coast is now known as the “ultimate theme park destination”. These parks amalgamate fun with education to create the perfect environment for a family vacation!