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Everything You Need To Know About Arsenal and Arsene Wenger
Many quotes are attributed to the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Misinterpretation of the quotes made by Arsene Wenger is very high. However, there are some people who get the deep meaning attributed to Arsene Wenger quotes. Arsene Wenger quotes are sometimes taken out of context resulting to dramas. Some people regard Arsenal Wenger to be very wise and brilliant, but these are his fans and those of arsenal team, the diehards.

Arsene Wenger frustrates some people when he speaks. Some of the quotes that Arsene Wenger makes are said to spark controversy. It is often said that when Arsene Wenger is asked about the fouls that his players committed in the field, he responds that he never saw it, sparking controversies. Arsene Wenger tries to protect his players by responding that he never saw any foul with them. According to him he lacks rational explanation to the fouls attributed to arsenal players.

Arsene Wenger is never short of LOL quotes; he will always pull one. He once said that he tried to watch the Totten ham match on the cable TV but fell asleep. He is also said to hurl backhanded insults to his fierce competitors.

Across the world there are many Arsenal fans. Arsenal fans use the online platforms when they want to express their views, feelings, and thoughts over the team performance and progress. When the greatest teams of the world are mentioned Arsenal never lack in the list. To ensure that fans do not miss out on important developments there are various online platforms from where the progress and any notice are availed to everyone interested.

Arsene Wenger is thought by many fans of Arsenal club to be the main man to lead the team to glorious days again. It is also possible to chat with the manager on various social media platform especially twitter. The various online platforms make it possible for the Arsenal fans to get the information about arsenal team.

There are various Arsenal team fans sites that discuss the various things about the Arsenal team. Arsene Wenger is always featuring in those discussions since he is the man that leads the team. The Arsenal team diehard fans are always discussing the team’s progress and cannot fail to mention the manager, Arsene Wenger.

Nobody can mention arsenal football club without mentioning Arsene Wenger. The arsenal team is expected to make a rebound with the help of the manager, Arsene Wenger. The hey days of the Arsenal team are attributed to the wise management and insights of Arsene Wenger, the manager.

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