Top Things to Do in Chennai, South India

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Top Things to Do in Chennai, South India

You might have made up your mind to plan a visit to Chennai, the Gateway of South India and the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Chennai is located on the east coast of the country. You may be wondering what you can do and see in Chennai. Here are the top things you can do in this city of cultural and historic importance –

1. Temples – Some of the popular temples of tourist interests are in the city which exhibit Dravidian architecture representing the glory of the past. Shri Vadapalani Murugan Temple in Vadapalani, Devi Shri Karumariamman Temple in Thiruverkadu, Shri Ashtalakhsmi Temple, Kabaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore, and Lord Parthasarathi Temple in Triplicane are some of them. If you plan your visit to be here during the festival time, you would enjoy an unforgettable time here.

2. Monuments – There are some of popular monuments located in Chennai. If you’d to like, visit these monuments which provide useful insights about Indian past, popular architecture and lives of some great heroes who have lived here. Also visit the century old church St. Andrew Cathedral, the Armenian Church built in 1772, Anderson Church overlooking the High Court in George Town, St Mary’s Church one of the oldest buildings built by British, Luz Church also known as Church of Our Lady of Light, San Thome Cathedral – Tomb of St Thomas, Ripon Building, a seat of Chennai Corporation, General Post Office of late 19th century, a superb example of Indo-saracenic architecture.

3. Beaches – If you are looking to spend some time for relaxation in a good beach Elliot Beach is the perfect place in the city. You can also visit Marina beach, the second largest beach in the world, but usually it will be crowded with locals and tourists.

4. Amusement Parks – How can you leave Chennai without visiting the fun-filled amusement parks, such as the joy rides and the amusing water events? Some of the popular ones are Kiskinta, Dash-n-Splash, Dolphin City, MGM Dizzee World.

5. Museums – If you are a person who enjoys museums visiting Government Museums, Birla Planetarium, National Arts Gallery, Cholamandal Artists’ Village. will be of great interest.

6. Shopping – Chennai is a great place for shopping with many malls and shopping complexes. Some of the best places for shopping are Anna Salai, College Road, Chetty Road, Mount Road, Nageswaran Road and Burma Bazar. You can even try your hand in bargaining the price here.

7. Food – Some of the popular restaurants are Carnival, Mathura and Saravana Bhavan where you can enjoy the taste of traditional food like Idli, Dosa, Vada etc.

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