Visit to Disneyland Paris – How Much Time Should You Allow?

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Visit to Disneyland Paris – How Much Time Should You Allow?

So you are planning that fantastic trip to Disneyland Paris and you are looking on the Internet to find that there are currently some good deals but just how many days will you need at Euro Disney and which is the best way to decide? The answer cannot be defined as the amount of days required will depend on your circumstances however the average trip is between 2 and 4 days long

Most visits are short breaks however it is possible to combine your visit with a longer holiday to France and especially the Paris region. I think the time you need to allow yourself will depend on many factors such as:

Age of party – If you have a mixed age group and several small children you will find that it will take you longer to cover the parks and also will be more willing to spend time at the shows and parades etc rather than just going on the rides. If you are a group of adults/teenagers you will probably need less time as you are more interested in the larger rides rather than the attraction aimed at the younger ones.

As there are two parks I would recommend a day for each park as well as at least one extra day to cover any rides and shows that may be missed or are favourites and you want to repeat. You can find good special offers where you can by 4 day tickets for the price of 3 etc.

Size of party – The more of you there are the likely hood is that you will find more things to do and will be prepared to spend more time at different attractions. You will also be more contented staying in a park for the day so again I would recommend at least 2 – 3 days to cover all the shows and attraction especially if you are visiting during peak times when the queues will be at their longest

Have you visited before? – On your first visit you will spend more time finding your way around and getting to know all that is on offer. On subsequent visits you will probably be more selective and so can reduce the amount of time you need in the park. You may find a day visit is enough as you know which rides you wish to do and how to get to them. You could then incorprate this into a French holiday or use Disneyland Paris as a base and explore the rest of the region.

How much money do you want to spend? – Whilst the travel costs remain the same for however long you choose to stay you will need to consider the costs of tickets, meals and accommodation for the whole of your stay with the euro being strong at the moment this can soon add up, for example bottles of water were 2.5 Euros and ice creams 3 Euros. Take time to price the tickets that are available for the Disney parks you may find it is more economical buy a ticket for 3 days rather than two. If you are staying on site you can also buy tickets that include meals. These can save a lot of money and allow you to budget more carefully

Careful planning is essential for you visit. Take time to sort out what you actually want to do at Euro Disney i.e do you want to visit both parks or just the one and then book the length of your trip accordingly. It is possible to combine with a longer holiday which will help reduce the daily costs of your visit and may enable you to get better deals on the entry price for example we recently got a free hopper pass as we had booked to get their from the Charles De Gaul airport by train the ticket cost 17 Euros and we gained a pass worth 64 Euros!    

For families of young children and for first visits you will easily be able to while away at least 2 – 3 days with the Magic of Disneyland Paris.