Attractive Disney World Theme Parks

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Attractive Disney World Theme Parks

Disney World’s Theme parks:

Disney World was a dream of Walt Disney, who wanted to build a park on the pattern of the original Disney land with a difference that it would not be one day entertainment but a resort where people could stay and enjoy. Walt Disney died before his dream could see the light of the day and the park was finally built by his brother in 1971.

There are six parks in Disney World. Four are parks based on different themes and two are water based theme park. The parks are described in some detail below.

Magic Kingdom Theme Park:

The first of the Disney parks, magic Kingdom was the original park built in 1971. It basic concept was copied from the original Disney world. It is built like a wheel with spokes. Disney cartoon characters roam this park and entertain children and elders alike. The main feature of this park is the Cinderella Castle. The Castle is built in the center of the 197 acre park.

Magic Kingdom has seven different types of themes. Magic Kingdom is also known for its fireworks and parades.

Epcot Theme Park:

Epcot was built in 1982 and is spread over an area of more then 300 acres. The main theme of Epcot is a futuristic society and the second theme is international cultural. The idea of Epcot was partly taken from the world fairs held in America in the early part of the twentieth century.

Epcot is designed in the shape of an hour glass, it has two sections one is known as the future world and the second is known World showcase.

Hollywood Studio Theme Park:

The theme of Hollywood Studio Theme park is naturally Hollywood. It mainly concentrates on the golden era of the Hollywood of the 1930’s and 1940’s. It offers its visitors a chance to live and experience the life of a star of the movies. There are also new shows like American Idol available. This park was built in 1989 and is the third of Disney parks. It has several exciting rides you can tour the studio back lots and see a lot of live shows.

Disney Animal Kingdom:

Animal Kingdom is another of the theme parks which was originally conceived by Walt Disney. It has more then 1,700 animals roaming around the park and spread on more then 500 acres it is the biggest of the Disney theme parks. It was the fourth of the parks to be built and was opened in 1998. It is divided in to seven areas.Almost nine million people visit this park on average every year. There is a real life safari in the park plus also a live production of the lion king can also be seen.

Disney Water Parks

The water parks are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Ideal places to visits during the warm weather. They have plenty of water slides, rides and attractions for visitors of all ages and types.

If a person once visits Disney, they will visit this place again and again. A place to leave with happy memories and to have good fun.