Camping, The Ultimate Family Experience

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Camping, The Ultimate Family Experience

There are many reasons for you to consider camping. I like to think of it as one of the greatest family bonding experiences you can have. When you go camping with a young family you are likely to spend the whole time doing things as a family unit. This is where you can really get to know your kids and they you.

Consider this: setting up camp is something that generally involves more than one person. They can help! And you will want them to help. Of course, how much they contribute depends on how old they are. But even the very young could be encouraged to look for kindling for the camp fire.

Ah, the camp fire – To me, that’s the highlight. I love the smells of a campground. The wood fires and various foods cooking on them, there’s nothing better.

Now, getting started doesn’t have to be very expensive. you can start with a basic tent. You might even be able to borrow one if your just giving it a try. You will need some sleeping bags and some things to cook with. Obviously a cooler. Don’t forget the bug spray!

You really need to do some planning. Where do you want to go? Sometimes people will camp in their back yard but that’s not usually the case. You will need to pick a destination park or camp ground, map out a route and you might have to make a reservation.

There are generally two different types of camping parks. There are public and private. The public camp grounds are generally state parks or national parks. For the most part they tend to be more rustic. They generally don’t have as much to offer in amenities as the private resorts. But on the other hand they can make you feel a lot closer to nature and, to a lot of people, that’s the idea.

Camping resorts are a different way to get away and, depending on your family, that may be what you’re looking for. These resorts may have a lot to offer. Sometimes you will find that they have movies, video games, wi-fi, miniature golf and dancing with a DJ. They almost always have a pool and quite often more than one. These resorts also charge more than the state parks.

I highly recommend that you give camping a try. There is nothing that I know of that is more affective at letting you put the job out of your mind for a complete escape.