Caravan Parks and Campgrounds Perfect for Quick Weekend Getaways

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Caravan Parks and Campgrounds Perfect for Quick Weekend Getaways

Going on a quick trip out of the city is easy if you live in Perth. This Western Australian city offers many locations you can go to for a quick weekend out of the hustle and bustle of city life. Outside the city of Perth, campgrounds are easy to find and take no more than an hour’s drive to get to. Each place offers a variety of activities you can choose from. Take a trip to one of these locations and relax as you experience the beauty of south-western Australia.

The city is lucky to be near river systems and the Indian Ocean. Adventurers can choose between parking in caravan parks near the beaches of Western Australia and going to one of the Perth campgrounds near the rivers where you can fish and cook, soak in the beauty of nature, and discover wildlife. Once you make your decision, consider a few of Perth’s popular weekend destinations for your next trip.

Wilbinga is the nearest campsite you can visit. It only takes 40 minutes to get to the beach, and you can choose camping behind the sand dunes or by the rock formations in the area. Bring your 4×4 for an adventure in the dunes, or try out stunts and be a daredevil in your motorcycle as you navigate the trails. If you want to go on a day trip instead, head to Lancelin, which has big sand dunes and is a great location for windsurfing. You can also go to White Hills, which is a popular day trip destination offering diving and fishing sites.

If you want to see more of the ocean and try your hand at fishing, Lancelin offers rock lobsters and crayfish to catch and 14 different shipwreck sites you can dive on. You can also park in one of the caravan parks in Guilderton or in Ledge Park if you want to stay in quiet places with rich fishing sites. You can fish where the Moore River meets the ocean in Guilderton and spend a quiet night under the stars. On the other hand, in Ledge Park, you will find a golf course that offers a beautiful view of the ocean, as well as shipwreck sites you can drive to.

You can choose to camp further inland in one of the campsites near the city. Avon Valley National Park offers various camping sites, but make sure to ask rangers where you can set up camp legally. If you want to go water skiing and you have your own boat, you can go to Waroona Dam or Logue Brook Dam and camp there. Dwellingup is another popular site quickly becoming a favourite with campers. You have to pay to camp in the park, but it is well worth your money if you want an adventure. Go canoeing in the rapids, take your mountain bike and ride downhill, hike in one of its beautiful trails, or swim in fresh water. These are only some of the activities you can choose in Dwellingup.

These are only a few examples of Perth campgrounds you can visit over the weekend. Explore the rest of the region to find more adventures and activities you can try. Going on a memorable camping vacation is possible when locations like these are within your reach.