Essential Snowboarding Gear for Beginners

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The snow is falling, and the slopes are glistening which means one very important thing- snowboarding season has begun. Professional and experienced boarders are getting their gear out, prepped, and ready for the season. Amateurs and first-timers are just now thinking about the many adventures to come. In order to look the part, feel prepared, and gain excellent experience riding the slopes boarders need to get the right clothing, gear, and accessories.

Snowboarding Clothing

In order to perform the best in the mountains, hills, cross-terrain, and parks it is essential to have warm and waterproof apparel. Average clothing just does not provide the same level of protection needed to face deep snow and cold winds. At the same time, bulky and heavy coats will weigh boarders down rather than aiding them to glide smoothing. Here’s the list of must-have clothes that will provide the best protection along with plenty of style options for self-expression.

  • Insulated jackets
  • Snow pants
  • Parka
  • Long underwear top and bottoms
  • Impact shorts
  • Thick socks


What’s a snowboarder without his board? There are three types of snowboards that correlate with the type of intended riding. Each board is a different shape to aid the boarder on different terrain. Alpine boards are made for mountain use. Freeride boards are the Freestyle boards are flexible and are considered a more versatile option are more for park use to do tricks because they are sturdier. If possible, rent out a board to try to make sure the shape and make are a good fit before committing to a purchase. For those in a hurry to buy and try it is best to get help from an experienced salesman.

After getting the board next comes the boots and bindings. These should be comfortable. People will enjoy snowboarding better when they feel comfortable and are blister-free. Expert sizing can help ensure a proper fit and correct installation onto the snowboard.


The clothes and gear are all set to go and the last few items to check off are accessories. Things like 509 goggles provide excellent protection from bright light reflected off of the white snowy hills. Warm hats, gloves, and neckerchiefs are must-haves. A portable boarding tool will help make adjustments easier on-the-go. Finally, be sure to have some board wax to treat the board before use for smoother sliding action.

There is nothing like the thrill of gliding down a snowy mountain, throwing tricks with ease. A new snowboarder has countless opportunities to learn a new sport and perfect their skill. It is essential to have the correct gear for protection and the best freedom of movement. Warm and water-wicking clothing is the base then comes board selection that should be based on intended usage. Lastly, accessories complete the ensemble and anticipate the needs boarders experience. Turn this winter season into the first of many exciting and memorable years spent snowboarding.