Experience The Many Holiday Wonders Of North Wales

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Experience The Many Holiday Wonders Of North Wales

Sheer natural beauty is what you would describe North Wales as with its majestic mountains, valleys and beaches. Indeed if you are looking for a holiday that should combine the pleasures of land as well as sea, then do not look beyond North Wales. The long coastline of the Irish Sea provides just the right setting for a great time.

North Wales has been thriving on tourism revenue for a long time and the government has been quick as well as smart to cash in on its natural wonders. They have ensured that the right infrastructure in terms of modern resorts, villas and hotels are in place so that tourists have a lovely time. They have backed these efforts with clever marketing and endorsements from famous travel writers have been used to drive home the advantage of holidaying in North Wales.

This beautiful tourist destination is best exemplified by Llandudno. This is the most famous as well as oldest tourist hot spot and the primary reason for its continued popularity is its extraordinary topography. It has two lovely beaches at its north and west shores and they provide contrasting experiences to tourists. The north shore has many hotels dotting the promenade and is a busy place whereas the west shore is relatively peaceful due to the presence of a nature reserve.

Accommodation is pretty convenient and can be arranged easily thanks to the large number of guest houses as well as self-catering cottages available here. If you are the one who prefers to cook your own food and is looking for a budget holiday, then these self-catering cottages or any of the Holiday Parks in North Wales, would work out just fine for you.

In terms of family attractions, the choices are many. You can start off with the Welsh Mountain Zoo and enjoy the steam railway journeys at Snowdonia as well as Llangollen. These steam rail journeys are a rarity in these times and you will do well to expose your children to this thrilling facet of rail travel.

You can also explore the castles located in Conwy as well as Caernarfon and lose yourself in the many museums, art galleries as well as country gardens dotting the place. Indeed, it is this proximity to both sea and land excursion opportunities that typifies North Wales and makes it such an alluring tourist destination. The lovely Welsh cuisine is another reason why you must make it a point to visit some of the restaurants by the promenade. Other outdoor activities like cycling, golfing, and mountain biking and fishing too can be enjoyed here since the character of the place lends itself easily to all such activities.