Finding a Great Caravan Park

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Finding a Great Caravan Park

Staying in a caravan for a holiday is becoming increasingly popular for couples, families and friends. So if you fancy spending time in one, you will want to know where to find the perfect park for you.

The internet is an excellent way to find a suitable park, especially the best ones around. So if you want to get a head start in your search just type the words “Caravan Park” prefaced by your location in your browser, e.g., ‘Yorkshire caravan parks’ and up will pop of host of websites belonging to all kinds of parks – both large and small. 

In order to assist people in finding a caravan park in a location which is either close to them, or in an area where they would like to stay, many websites publish lists in geographical order, sometimes throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.  You may also find parks listed across the English Channel in France as well as other locations throughout Europe. Some websites also publish aerial maps of their various locations, giving you a better idea of the area you may choose stay in 

So what makes a park “great”, as opposed to just pleasant or quite good?  Firstly there are the facilities in the caravans themselves.  Today’s units are a far cry from the traditional cramped little caravans that were popular many years ago.  Nowadays the vans come complete with luxury items, fully fitted kitchens, showers and can be anything up to sixty feet long.  They really are a home from home which is of course one reason why these kind of holidays are becoming so popular once again.

Other factors that serve to make a caravan park deserve the term “great”is the provision of entertainment, be it organised, proximity to a  beach, golf, water sports, cycling, indoor entertainment and  children’s play area, to name just a few. 

Location is also very important. The seaside  with a beautiful beach, or a beautiful countryside venue, are likely ingredients for popular parks. As well as pleasant surroundings, they will also be near to interesting places to visit, be they quaint country towns or seaside resorts.

And, if you enjoy your holiday so much you can choose to own your own holiday home as most parks will have a choice of luxury new and used static caravans for sale. If they don’t have the particular one you desire, the park may help you find it. Price is always important, and the park will hopefully charge a very economical price for the static caravan you wish to purchase. You will also have to pay ground rent, so check the contact details on their website, and ask how much you are likely to have to pay.

So in order to find a great park for your caravan holiday, check out the internet to find out what is on offer.