Motorcycles: A Lifestyle, Not just A Hobby

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The motorcycle industry has significantly gained popularity recently, even in developed-countries and regions. Affordability, fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability are just a few reasons for motorcycle ownership. Motorcycles have also undergone drastic changes and improvements since 1885 when they were first invented in Germany by Gottlieb Daimle. Early motorcycle advancements included the addition of front brakes since motorcycles have become faster and more powerful, standardized controls such as turn signals, fuel injection and anti-lock braking systems. As the industry gained more popularity, more advancements and changes arrived such as dual compound tires, traction control systems and dynamic brake lights. As for the future of the industry, motorcycle equipment manufacturers are developing personal air bag systems implemented in the rider’s best for added safety while riding. Manufacturers are also fabricating methods to make riding much safer and enjoyable with the growing popularity worldwide.

Although motorcycles have been deemed as a dangerous mode of transportation, there are an abundant number of reasons to motorcycle ownership. Many riders don’t just ride motorcycles just to ride, for some, it’s a lifestyle. Frequent riders recognize that it doesn’t take very long to get involved in the motorcycle culture. They regularly allocate other small groups of riders to enjoy the camaraderie with. In some states, riding motorcycles is a seasonal activity that can only be enjoyed during warm climates. For this reason, riders are extremely passionate about their hobby due to the limited usability periods. Other reasons for motorcycle ownership include them being more eco/friendly than cars, ease of parking and maneuvering through traffic, implying adventure and representation of self image or expression.

Many would consider motorcycle riding as a solo hobby, however many friendships and social communities are formed within the industry. In developed countries where motorcycles are an additional mode of transportation, they are generally used for recreation and their speed appeal. The power to weight ratio is impressive, even in a low-powered motorcycle.

Although the United States is not one of the premier motorcycle riding countries globally, there is an estimated 8.4 million registered motorcycles in the U.S, India and China contain the most motorcycles in the world, with a staggering 70 million motorbikes combined. This is understandable, as these countries are also among the most populated in the world, which calls for easier maneuvering and accessibility. Many individuals, specifically younger demographics, are shopping for motorcycles easily by using Google or other websites. A simple search reading Kawasaki Ninja Hillsboro OR for an example, will result in an abundant number of sellers and buying options.

Harley Davidson motorcycles dominate sales accounting for nearly 30% of all motorcycle sales in the U.S., followed by Honda Motors, Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and BMW. Around one in every thirty-six people ride a motorcycle in the United States, with California and Wyoming containing the most registered motorcycles. Motorbikes are also not only limited to Harleys and sportbikes, they also include mopeds, scooters and cruisers. Many motorcycles are also extremely affordable, with the average cost of a brand new motorcycle costing around $7,000. Motorcycles are not just a recreational hobby or activity, for many it’s a way of life and a mode of transportation.