Orlando Theme Parks – Getting the Best Out of Your Holiday

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Orlando Theme Parks – Getting the Best Out of Your Holiday

Although Orlando theme parks are fun-filled, external factors such as cost can ruin your experience or limit your fun activities. It is therefore necessary to look for ways to get the most out of Orlando’s major theme parks. Food costs much higher in these parks than in your hotel or villa. However, it is hard to avoid eating especially if you go on holiday with your kids. In this case, you can bring snacks from your villa to the parks. In the hot season freeze some drinks and carry them in your cooler for the kids. You can also drive back to the villa for lunch, which will offer you a chance before heading back to the theme park.

Some Orlando restaurants offer free kid’s meals. You can eat in such restaurants if you find it hard to drive all the way back to the villa. Orlando’s major theme park passes can limit your visit to these fun filled locations. However, you can get discounted entrance passes. Some of the parks also offer special deals to Florida residents or those who serve in the military and civil service. You can also get a corporate discount. A good way to look for discounted entrance passes is through money saving coupons booklet from a supermarket. Some of the stores such as Walmart offer 5% discounted Disney world passes. Sometimes these parks have events such as ‘go-cart racing’ that allow you to buy one and get one free pass. Although it not good to rely heavily on freebies, you can use them from time to time.

If you intend to visit Disney World theme parks, you can get free entry by dining in some of the hotels such as Boma. To make a good use of this option, you should give yourself ample time before going for dinner. Another way to make good use of Orlando theme parks is scheduling your visit in the off-season. This way you will save a lot of money on other aspects of the visit such as the air tickets, car hire and villa rentals. All these money can then be diverted to full enjoyment in these parks.

Finally, you can save some money by booking your Disney world vacation online. When doing this separate each component of the vacation to get the best deals. This means that the theme parks will be booked separately allowing you to get the best deals. Apart from saving on cost, there are other things you can do to get the most out of your Orlando theme park visits. One thing that bugs many people visiting these parks is the queues. There are different ways you can use to beat the queues. For instance, you can go for the queue jumper pass. This will cost you some money in most