RV Traveling With A Pet

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RV Traveling With A Pet

When people contemplate embarking on the RV lifestyle, there is often concern about camping with their pets. From anxiety over how their cats or dogs will adjust to living in a recreational vehicle, to questioning what pet accessories are necessary to help ease in their pet’s transition. Camping with a pet can seem overwhelming initially. Traveling in a travel trailer or motor home, and staying at campgrounds, is a delightful experience for both you and your pet. It can be accomplished with ease if you try.

Many people worry that the smaller space in an RV or travel trailer is unfair to their pets. The truth is that as long as one continues to provide exercise opportunities for their cat or dog, their pets will love the extra attention they receive when camping with their owners. Most people who live in a home don’t have the luxury of providing continual attention to their cats or dogs. Now they have their family with them around the clock. In addition, today’s modern recreational vehicles are available with slide-outs that dramatically increase the square footage of travel trailers, 5th wheels and motor homes, providing plenty of room for people and their furry friends.

Another fear that surrounds camping with pets is wondering if campgrounds will accept their animals. Most RV parks welcome pets these days, as long as your pet is leashed, cleaned up after and not a nuisance to other campers. Some camping grounds may have a size limitation, so always verify pet policies before you make a reservation. However, for your dog or cat’s safety, beware of campgrounds and parks with no pet policies in place. You don’t want to go camping in an RV park where large, aggressive dogs are allowed to roam free or bark all night!

Finally, you will only need a few extra pet accessories to make traveling in your RV with your pet, easier. Traveling water bowls are a must-have to avoid spills when the motor home is in motion, en route to your destination. Leashes and tie-outs are also necessary and nearly always required at campgrounds. Portable outdoor pet enclosures are a fantastic, affordable investment that allows your cats or smaller dogs time in the fresh air, safe from other animals. They open and close in seconds and are also lightweight and remarkably compact. So with a few additional accessories and a little pre-planning, camping with your pets in an RV can be rewarding for both you and your pet.