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Sites Where Musicians Can Host Their Songs and Grow Their Fan Base.

Facebook is one of the best sites to promote your song. Facebook is a social media where many people interact. Once you have your song, you can upload it to your Facebook page and share it with friends. Friends will download it and listens to it and in turn share it with their other friends. The cycle is going to continue as long as it can and from this you can find that your songs are being listened to by thousands of people within a period of one day or even some hours. Consequently you can create a page specifically for uploading your songs where your fans can visit and listen to your songs. This going to enable you to enlarge your fan base and with time you will become famous.

YouTube is an also an excellent place to share your songs. It is considered one the most popular search engines in the world. It has very many viewers because of its reliability you can easily find the song you want. YouTube works with an account, without an account there is no way you can upload the songs. After hearing about you may be from a friend or a radio station the first place to look for you will always be YouTube. In the process you can familiarize themselves as you get many likes and shares on the YouTube. As a result of listening to your songs they will also make you famous by sharing your songs in the social networks thus making you famous.
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Another place where you can promote your songs is Radio stations and TV channels. You can distribute your Mp3 and Video songs to this stations so that they can play them. A lot of people will start looking for you with the aim of identifying who you are once they have listened to your songs. You can also arrange an interview with channels and tell them more about your music. The the interview will increase the number of people that are listening to your music.

Popular online sites are also good places to share your songs. The online music sites supports the upcoming artist by giving the opportunity to upload their music and also help them grow fans.

The music are being uploaded and listened to free of charge. The sites are flooded with fans, and since they are not charged for playing the songs this makes the song to be known by many people. Even if you visit the site a thousand times, you will not be charged.