The Cost of Entertainment Too High?

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The Cost of Entertainment Too High?

You want to have a good time with your family so you decide to go to the movies. You end up paying $40.00 for 4 of you for the tickets and another $60.00 for some drinks and popcorn; maybe a candy bar too. By the time you have made it back home you have spent close to a $100.00 or more for a good night and hopefully the movie of choice was good. The cost of going out has gone up considerably over the past few years. Not too long ago I remember you could still see a new movie for $5.00 at a premier theater. Today it can cost as much as $12.00 or more. For many of us; this can sometimes make it hard to go out like we used to and show our family a good time. There is really no way around the fact that things will get more expensive as time goes by. So what should we do to still have those great nights out like we used to? It would be easy if our employment wages could keep up with the cost of everyday living but that is most likely not going to happen for most of us.

There are a few options out there. The entertainment industry has realized this and in some places $1.00 movies and other relatively cheap entertainment options have opened up. The only problem here is that while you can still have a a great time it will be next to impossible to catch that new movie that you wanted to see. What can we do then? Here are a few ideas that might still make you the hero but not empty your entire wallet.

Idea number one; go to the park. I know this may not be the most popular idea if your family was hoping to see a new movie but this is one of our nations greatest past times! The United States has more parks than anywhere else in the world. There are of course the national parks and Wild life parks spread all over the nation. And then every state and city has its many parks both out of town and in town. And don’t forget the simple neighborhood parks as well. There is so much to see and do at these various parks. It is a great place to bond with the family and yes; even our pets! Even in the winter these parks can be a lot of fun. The best part of this solution is that it will cost you next to nothing.

The second option you could take advantage of is to go find those local Bowling alleys, Ice rinks or Skating rinks, and Arcades. These can be a total blast and usually will not break the bank. There is nothing better than a little family competition to bring everyone closer together. On top of that these can be done year round and in any type of weather. Another nice thing here is that they are normally close to home and also have some simple but inexpensive food and drinks handy for the whole family. Definitely; this will be a great option to take advantage of.

The third choice you can take advantage of will be to stay at home and have a game night. Remember the days when games nights were a big deal. At least one night a week the entire family would sit down at the table have some snacks and play a game like Risk, Life, or Sorry. Maybe you already have done or still do this. It is absolutely fun! The entire family can laugh and enjoy a great night together. The best part about this idea is besides maybe going to the store to pick up some popcorn or drinks you really don’t need to spend any money. Everyone can just enjoy a great night filled with fun together right there in the home.

My fourth and last option that i will discuss is doing exactly what we started this discussion about. Going out to the movies. Here are a few tips that may keep your wallet in one piece. I would start with having a dinner or bite to eat at home first. Food at theaters is where most of your money will go. If you do want to get something at the theater stick with the small sizes. Now I know they will try to get you to up size saying it’s only.50 cents more or so; but those little amounts can add up very fast and before you know it you have spent an extra $20.00. You can also share a drink. Look at the size of the drinks they have! Even the smallest are already 32oz which is probably more than you need anyways. Another great way to curb your appetite is to stick some gum or candies in your pocket or purse. They can’t stop you from bringing small items like that in even though they would love it if you buy their $4.00 stick of gum instead. Then sit back and enjoy the show.

Which ever of these you choose or if you find some other activity to take part in I am sure you will have a great time. That is the point anyways; right! So go out; have a good time; and just remember that really it does not matter where you go as long as you are together.