Theme Park Holidays Around Europe

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Theme Park Holidays Around Europe

Most parents succumb to the pleas of their kids to go on a theme park holiday at least once. Fortunately, modern theme parks can be just as fun for adults as they are for children. You can also kill two birds with one stone by going somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to, visiting the theme park on day one, and going sightseeing on the next.

You don’t have to venture outside Europe for theme park fun so all it takes is a long weekend for the kids to be happy.

Hamburg, Germany

Visit Heide Park in Germany, conveniently close to the beautiful city of Hamburg. It is a huge resort with attractions ranging from the kiddy-friendly Pixie Town Train that snakes through a make-believe forest to the adrenaline-packed Krake, Germany’s first dive coaster that plummets 41 metres… vertically!

The park has various themed areas like the Wild Wild West, Transylvania, and Pirate Bay.

You can easily spend the whole day exploring the attractions with stops for lunch and refreshments at the many cafes and fast food stands throughout.

To avoid having to rent a car, travel by bus and train from central Hamburg.

The city itself boasts many sights such as the Fischmarkt, Kunsthalle Art Museum, infamous Reeperbahn, and Rathaus local government building.

Paris, France

Disneyland is a top choice for theme park lovers. It’s got everything you and your kids could dream of! Little ones will love to meet all the friendly Disney characters roaming the park, and big kids and parents will love the thrilling attractions like Space Mountain.

The park is easily accessible from central Paris by train, or direct from London via the Eurostar service. You can even stay at the resort’s on-site hotels. Cafes and restaurants are placed throughout the park for when you get hunger pangs between rides.

Famous Parisian attractions include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Sorbonne University.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wallibi Holland is a theme park not far outside Amsterdam. It features a range of attractions for all ages that include water-based rides like Crazy River, and thrill rides such as Speed of Sound, a rollercoaster with a musical theme.

There are also a range of shows at Wallibi if you ever feel like taking a break from all the rides. Rockstars: the Battle is quite the show with music, special effects and dance moves.

There is plenty to do at the resort for a day. You can dine at an array of eateries that mainly serve fast foods.

Travel to the resort by train and shuttle bus from central Amsterdam. To save time, book a hotel in Amsterdam near the train station.

City attractions include canal boat tours, Anne Frank’s House, and the 9 Streets shopping area.