Travel With the Comforts of a Campervan

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Travel With the Comforts of a Campervan

One of the best things in travelling Australia is to see the must-see destinations while having the comforts of a campervan. Enjoy driving while not having to worry about accommodation and places to eat.

The facilities included are the sleeping facility & living area, the kitchen, entertainment and you can also choose a model that includes the toilet and the shower.

The kitchen facility is an apartment style kitchen that is compact but useful for everyday use. It includes kitchen amenities of fridge/freezer, gas cooker and gas bottle, microwave, kitchen equipments and utensils. Kitchen Equipments include but not limited to toaster, plates, bowls, cups, kettle, bottle can opener, wine glasses and everything you need for preparing meals.

The entertainment facility includes Radio/CD and LCD TV/DVD for other models. Make sure to examine the facilities of the campervan first before booking one for your travel because facilities differ and the rates respectively.

Choose a range of campervan that can sleep two, three, four, and six people.

The 2 Berth / 2 people sleeping campervans are the smallest campervan to rent. This is ideal for couple travelling together. It has an average fuel capacity of 60-70 litre Fuel tank running 10-11 litres per 100km.

The 3 Berth / 3 people sleeping campervans are ideal for a small family, or for 3 buddies who wanted to travel together with the convenience of an apartment. These models however are not as many as the models of 2 Berth Campers. The sister of these models is the 2.5 Berth Camper, that can sleep 2 adults and 1 child and its capacity is strictly observed.

The 4 Berth Camper / 4 people sleeping campervans are one of the most rented types of campervans because they sit between budget and luxury. You can enjoy bigger space kitchen and sleeping facilities. The fuel capacity ranges between 70 – 80 litres and consumes an average of 14 litres per 100 km.

The 6 Berth / 6 people sleeping campervans are the biggest model; they are loved by groups since it can take larger number of sleeping capacity. Most of these vehicles are considered luxury and they are often built with toilet and shower. These models are made of large vans to make secure the comfort of the travelers, while there is also a bus type of 6 Berth that is considered the most luxurious.

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