Want to Buy a Static Caravan For Your Holidays?

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Want to Buy a Static Caravan For Your Holidays?

Have you been toying with the idea of owning your very own holiday caravan?

Well, actually that is pretty good as not only can your whole family enjoy unlimited holidays, but you can even sublet and earn while you are not using it.

If you feel that a new caravan might be over your budget, buying a pre owned static caravan is a great idea. You can always search around and get a good bargain from the private owner. However, before you sign on the dotted papers, it is good to consider a few points about buying pre owned static caravans:

– Ask about the commission that the park is charging. As most holiday parks take about 15%, ask the owners, if they are including it within the sale price.

– Take into account the total cost of owning the holiday home which includes insurance, site maintenance, subletting fee, ground rent, electricity and gas charges amongst other costs.

– You need to ask the owner about the years left on the caravan and for how long you can sub let it.

– You need to know how many people can stay in the static caravan at one time. Though it usually ranges from 6-8 people, it is better to know.

– Ask if the levies and charges include unlimited use of holiday park’s facilities or do they charge separately for that.

– You need to also know whether the sale price includes all the accessories, furniture and items present within the static caravan at that time or not.

So before you pack your bags to move, be clear about what you are buying. If the park facilities and location allures you and you are satisfied about the other above mentioned aspects, it is time to enjoy a great family holiday close to the sea. Buying your own static caravan is an investment that not only pays you but leaves you with a lifetime of beautiful holiday memories.