Who Is on Board With Your Vision?

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Who Is on Board With Your Vision?

How can you be so sure that your partners or business associates are on board with your vision for the company?

1. Has the vision been clearly expressed? What about the culture of the organization?

2. Have your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals been relayed for the company?

3. Do each of your business associates have their own clearly defined goals for the company? Or is each person doing their own thing?

4. What’s the “BIGGER” picture that you are trying to get everyone to buy into?

5. Have you clearly defined your own goals and have them posted clearly for all to see?

If you haven’t take any of these steps to express your vision for the company, you will be hard pressed to get others to buy into your vision. One thing that I’ve been learning in business is that it takes clearly defined goals and vision in order for you to effectively relay those on to others. But will they buy into your vision is the question? I honestly feel that if you are transparent enough and let everyone know that you don’t know it all, but will help to find answers to questions and concerns the team has, it will most likely play in your favor. In Leadership, you won’t be on the same level with each person in your organization. John C Maxwell, lists out his 5 levels of Leadership consist of:

1. Position

2. Permission

3. Production

4. People Development

5. Person-hood

So by taking this image and breaking it down, you understand that your vision and culture of your organization cannot be dictated by you alone. As we know, if you are to lead a successful organization people must want to follow you because of your relationship with them and has nothing to do with authority. How have you affected the person personally? Have you helped them to grow? This stands so true in the Home Based business arena because, each business owner are their own entity. Nobody really needs to buy into your vision.

Do you even have a vision for your business? If you don’t now is the time to take action and create a vision for your business. What will you say when someone asks you what is your vision or Mission for your business? If you don’t have a clearly defined vision for your business most people won’t take you seriously.