6 Signs That Your Dog Would Love an Agility Park

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6 Signs That Your Dog Would Love an Agility Park

What if your dog really wants more agility training? You may or may not know about the agility training parks that have emerged over the last 20 years or so, but they are indeed a growing trend that is truly catching fire. Agility parks are places that have been specifically designed to train dogs in gaining agility (hence the name) and self-confidence. If you have taken your dog to an agility park, the following tips could be for you. They could also be for you if this is the first time that you’ve ever heard of such a thing as an agility course park for dogs.

*You’ve been experiencing inclement weather and your dog has been cooped up in doors for the last few days. You notice that your dog is lethargic or seemingly feeling blue. If you’ve never been with your dog to an agility course park, this could be a sign that he’s in need of the benefits that such a park can offer him. If you have been to one, perhaps just to check it out, this is a good sign that your dog loved it and needs some more of it.

*You mention agility parks to your friends or your family, and your dog is present. She pricks up her ears and starts acting as youthful as you’ve ever seen. She may not understand English, but somehow she has associated agility parks with something that she finds desirable. It is claimed that dogs, and other domestic pets, have certain psychic abilities.

*If you buy obstacle toys for your dog and he obviously gets excited about it whenever you do so, he is probably a dog that would readily to an agility course. (If you don’t buy agility toys for your dog, consider it.)

*If you live close to a dog agility course, and your dog begs to go outside as if he needs to go to the bathroom but instead of going to the bathroom runs over to the course, this should be taken as a serious sign.

*If you have been taking your dog to an agility course, you notice that he is always rather upset to be leaving the course. He whines or resists being taken away from the agility park. This makes it quite clear that he would rather stay. He is not seeing the agility park as some kind of chore that he has to navigate. He is seeing it as a lot of fun. He enjoys it. You could also see that he is excited to be at the agility park if his tail wags throughout his time there.

*If you have been taking him to an agility park, you know that you have to put him on an agility park leash to take him to the site. If he shows positive excitement when you go to put on the leash, this indicates that he’s excited about going there.

Clearly some of these tips only apply to dog owners who have been taking their dogs to agility parks. But for the rest of you, apply the other tips to see if you should be doing the same thing.