San Diego Parks – Jewels of the San Diego Area

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San Diego Parks – Jewels of the San Diego Area

San Diego is a city found in the southern portion of the state of California and is the second largest city of the state. It is also the center of economy together with Carisbad and San Marcos metropolitan area. Being one of the states with a large population, now the eighth in the whole of the United States, the government has been quite busy in creating places for people to go to like shopping malls, theaters, and San Diego parks.

Parks by the Beach

Some of the beautiful and entertaining parks in the beach area include:

1.Sunset Cliff. It has a great view with a 68-acre area stretching the Pacific Ocean and borders the west edge of Point Loma. It has quite a panoramic view of the sea caves, arches, and coastal bluffs. There is an awesome view of the California Gray Whale while they move around from Bering Sea to the Baja, California, really amazing. So many people recommend Sunset Cliff if there is a need to just relax and just do a lot of thinking.

2.The La Jolla Cove is a small beach found between neighboring sandstone cliffs. It is found within the La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve, making it an excellent place for snorkel lovers and scuba divers since it has quite a lot of marine life to watch for. It has quite an extraordinary beauty that it is considered one of the parks most photographed beaches in the community. It is just found along the area but stands out on its own. The park is likewise very suitable for family picnics.

Some Precautions When Visiting San Diego Parks

Visiting San Diego parks can be exciting for individuals or groups, but no matter how enticing the place can be, it is always advisable to take some precautionary measures for a really safe sight seeing.

1.If you are in a beach:

Always check for lifeguard protection before plunging into the water. Take note of the time when lifeguard are on duty or check for any modifications that are made on their staffing hours.

Know some safety tips on how to deal with rip currents; otherwise, it is still best to stay near a lifeguard.

Check for signs indicating whether the area is fit for swimming activities including scuba diving and the like.

2.If you are in land-based parks:

Aside from knowing the right direction in going to San Diego parks, check out the availability of parking space so you will know where to go upon arrival in the area.

One problem when going out for a simple tour of a park is when you need a restroom. This should be the first thing to look and take note when going to the parks to prevent any difficulty later when you need to use one.

Check out for park regulations. This way, problems with regards to violating any of them could be avoided.